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Singing is something Rahul Singh loves more then anything. He is a Punjabi folk singer and Punjabi Rapper.  But he is best known in Chicago for his Bhangra songs. Rahul started singing in 2007 by establishing a group named Desi Inc. with Abdul Saif. He writes his own lyrics and composes his songs as well. He hasnt taken any professional singing lessons yet but he is planning on learning to be a Sufi singer one day. Rahul believes His singing brings him closer to god "Vaheguru". He believes that his talent is a gift from God and cherishes it everyday.

Rahul Singh was born in New Delhi India, on December 19, 1982. Raised in the Punjab village Gill dist. Ludhiana. As a kid he played cricket and was very good at it. Rahul Singh came to America on August 7, 1997 and didn't speak word of English. Being in a new country and not having any friends and unfamiliar with the culture, he put his energy and free time into dancing. This gave him a new life in America. After noticing his dedication, Guru Dilshad Khan took him under his wing and taught him classical Kathak dance for free. He surprised everybody with his dance moves and did a countless number of shows all around the US. Rahul Singh became an icon in the community and was known as the “Hrithik Roshan” of Chicago. Rahul started a dance school and his own dance group called Sonia Performing Arts (SPA INC.)

Rahul Singh is a fine actor as well. He has acted in two movies called “Legally Desi” and “Khuda ke Liye”.  He played the role of the Sardar in the movie, which was an amazing experience for him that made him evolve as an actor and as a human being. Rahul Singh also acted in stage play called "Anarkali". He played the role of Saleem. It was a sold out show directed by Anupma Dharkar. Rahul Singh is still planning on working in movies down the road. 

Everyone has people they respect or idolize or learn from or strive to be like. Rahul idolizes his Guru, Dilshad Khan, who taught him many life lessons along with dancing. He believed in him when no one else saw potential in him. Another important person in his life is Monty Sayed whom he loves as older brother and mentor. His best friend is Khizer Mohammed who has been with him through thick and thin since the last 15 years. 

Rahul Singh is also a very family-oriented person. Rahul believes that no matter what happens family is there for you. He believes his parents, Sardar Daljit Singh Gill and Devinder Kaur Gill come first followed by God. Belive or not Rahul Singh calls himself a momma's boy.

His favorite singers are Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Gurdas Mann.  One day Rahul hopes to be an amazing singer like these singing legends. 

Rahul Singh is now a solo artist. His focus is on becoming a versitile singer who sings Bollywood, Punjabi Folk, EDM, R&B, classical, etc. He has started working on songs with some of Chicago's finest rappers, Sabih Nawab and Ace Boogiee from Bloodlines Records. 

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